ABATE of Michigan Region 20

August 2012 News Letter


August 2012 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

A bit soggy outside lately, but we needed it!!  Hello Everyone and Happy Riding! New member: Jerry Lynn from Kimberly's Pub. “Thanks for giving a shit!!” 

Secretary Report was read and accepted.  Bubbles couldn't make it, but reported in that all is well in the financial department and Region 20 sent in money to ABATE of MI. 

Awareness Report from Mike (Kritter):  The Team is working hard as usual, decent number of students, however more classes and LESS students.  With that being said, everyone, we could really could use more Awareness Instructor.  If anyone can assist, please contact Kritter. 

Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County-Mark (The Bus) Berger.  L.O. for Genesee County-Marte.  Nothing really going on til late August when everyone is back.  Hopefully you voted on Tuesday, August 8.  Remember to please keep writing the representatives, as we have to keep in their faces. 

Cares and Concerns for Region 20:  Lots going on with our members.  Monday, August 6, we lost Terry Brown's Granddaughter/Junior and Amy's daughter:  Nicole (Nikki / Blueberry) Brown.  She was only 21!!!  We also lost “Derby”/Jerry Lynn's husband from Kimberly's Bar.  All of our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all of their families!  Lumpy represented himself at another funeral on Aug. 9.  Audrey and JoMamma are both laid up for a little while, so get well!!  On the Good News Front, Happy Grandma:  Debbie Hurd and daughter welcomed a baby girl into their family!!!  Happy Anniversary and Birthday to all for August!!! 

Cupcake's Product Corner: Nothing new to report, just make sure you check out all the new products and order what you don't see!!!  

Events Coordinator Forecast: Good weather has been reserved for the Rave Run on Saturday, Sept. 22-See Bus for details; Remarkable colors on the trees for the Fall Color Tour on Saturday, Oct. 13 and exceptional costumes for Halloween Party on Oct. 27.  We will start selling tickets for the party at September's meeting.  Hopefully everyone got a chance to assist the Mid Mi K-9 Association with the Poker Run on August 11. September's Region 20 Meeting will be combined at Shiawasee at Hickory Lounge in Owosso at 2pm, officer's meeting earlier.  Sassy is putting together a Seminar Committee in September, so if interested sign up with her.   

Randy's RC  Report:  Field Meet was AWESOME, no incidents, just plain, good old fun!  Thanks to everyone that assisted, especially Forbidden Wheels and Kevin and Rich from Region 20 who went over and above—Thanks!! 

End of the Year Party happened Saturday Aug. 25, at Randy and Georgia's!!  Hopefully you had a chance to be there, camp out, listen to the music, enjoy the food and festivities.

Hopefully everyone got to sell the Bike Raffle tickets.  Remember if you are in a position where you cannot sell tickets, every year, please try to send in the two blue tickets you get as a member to support ABATE of MI.


50/50 this month was won by Gabby, who was just hanging out in the patio and donated $10 back!!  Thanks for supporting us!!!  26 attendees at Genesee County's Meeting. 

Any inquiries, questions, etc with Region 20, contact Randy Wilson, visit www.Facebook.com (ABATE of Michigan Region 20) or visit our website:   www.abatemichregion20.com.

Sassy’s Second!!  Please keep all of our brothers and sisters in our prayers!  Please everyone keep your eyes open and be safe!  Smile, it is contagious.