ABATE of Michigan Region 20

September 2012 News Letter


September 2012 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

Hello to all!!  New Member: Jane McMillian was at the meeting as well as Guests:  Dave from Region 14, his niece and Adrianee Galas.  A special visitor from the Safe Center as a R.A.V.E. Spokesperson attended, too.  

Attention – Attention:  Genesee Meetings have MOVED locations to the VFW Post 822, 5065 South Saginaw Street, Flint, Mi.  This is a couple of miles south of the old meeting place.  Meeting day and time is the same:  First Monday of the month at 7pm, 6pm for Officers. 

Treasurer and Secretary Reports were read and accepted.  As for Bikin' for Burns monies, Gaines was able to purchase everything they needed!!! 

Mike's Awareness Report:  Teaching, teaching and more teaching going on.  Eric is hitting the road back to the sunny beaches, so once again:  Calling anyone who is interested in becoming an Awareness Instructor, please contact Mike (Kritter)!!!!  Being an instructor is easy, just talking to the people about bikes, watching out for them, etc.  There are classes that happen in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, so they can fit it into your schedule.  There aren't many classes a month, but we need the ability to hit them all.  There is only one day that happens twice a year where instructors are needed all day.  Please, please, Mike needs your assistance, call, text, email or Facebook him. 

Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County-Mark (The Bus) Berger.  The representatives in Lansing are coming back into office for October.  We need to hit the Legislators hard about the issues associated with the helmet bill. Region elections are coming up in November, so please vote.  All Shiawasee Legislators are for ABATE, and only one serious “no” vote for Genesee County.  Legislative Days have not been figured out yet so stay posted. 

Zip wants us to remember, we as ABATE members need to stay strong.  Just because we have our Freedom of Choice on wearing helmets, doesn't mean we should give up.  We need to keep fighting (so to speak) to keep the Choice.  We have to figure ways out to get the younger generation involved.  There was not the best turn out for the Freedom Run either.  We understand some people work or had other issues they needed to take care of, but we still need to stand together. 

Cares and Concerns:  Once again, keep the Brown Family in your prayers, Shiawasee Member: Scott 's family in your prayers and Dave (Derby) Smith, was in an accident on his one year anniversary—Jerri Lynn our hearts go out to you!  I believe we could use a volunteer to take Cares and Concerns in  both counties.  

Cupcake's Product Corner: Old product needs to get moved out, so see the sale items for Sept. & Oct.  Always taking special orders, but must be paid for in advance. 

Media/Events Coordinator Report:  Upcoming events: Rave Run - Sept. 22; Fall Color Tour - Oct. 13, Halloween Party - Oct. 27 & Christmas Party - Dec. 2.  Signs up for dishes to pass for the Halloween and Christmas Party are out, please see Facebook event page for more info. 

The Giant Swap Meet is coming up in October, Sign up sheet is out, so if you would like to volunteer, contact Sassy.  Getting an early start, Seminar is in January and Sassy is putting together a committee to come up with a theme for Saturday's activities.  Speaking of Seminar, call and get your rooms. 

RC  Report:  Randy will continue to have the End of Summer Parties, even after a new RC takes over.  Elections are coming in November and taking over in December, so please think about running for RC, Secretary, or Treasurer.  Other positions are appointed. Mike (Kritter) says he is available for Co-RC and Awareness.  As for State Board, if you want to try for it, nominations are being taken, a request and a letter of recommendation from another ABATE member is needed and has to be turned into Eric Eames. 

R.A.V.E. Run is the “Shiawasee” Event.  Zip is the founding Father.  Bus will be handling the event this year.  The new name of the organization is Safe Center however R.A.V.E. (Relief Against Violent Encounters) is the legal name.  Rhoda, our guest, gave a heartfelt discussion about their organization, that they provide residential housing, emergency shelter, education, counseling, etc.  All the money raised from the event on September 22, goes to supporting the cause, not to administrative costs.  There will be 4 stops and ANY vehicle is welcome.  This is a family event, so bring the kids and have a ton of fun.  If you would like to donate something for the door prizes, etc., contact Mark (Bus) Berger.  Zip is going to work out a route as there are major construction issues and a Homecoming. 

The Color Tour has been a bit of a disappointment due to the weather the last few years.  We go biking in the rain (a lot of times over the years) in May, so get out any weather gear and let's go riding on October 13. 

The K-9 Run last month to support the Mid Mi Canine Association went well.  There are 6 dogs in the organization, covering Burton and the Sheriff's department.  All the money that was raised goes toward emergency vet bills, training programs, etc.  These dogs are vitally important from finding people to sniffing out bombs.  GREAT JOB everyone. 

Open Discussion:  The discussion of the website came up and looking at cheaper alternatives, etc.  Phil Komar is going to try to ride from the Mackinaw Bridge to Covington Kentucky ALL HANDS FREE for Parkinson's disease, so wish him luck.  He has set a world record 2 times.  Keep him in your prayers and wish him luck.  Wish Becka good luck on her first Flint Roller Derby Game.  Region 14 invited us to come to their meeting.  No 50/50 this month, so we should have a great drawing in October.  For this combined meeting we had 31 attendees. 

Check to see what is going on in Region 20, etc., contact Randy Wilson, visit www.Facebook.com (ABATE of Michigan Region 20)  or  www.abatemichregion20.com.

Sassy’s Second!!  Please keep our eyes and ears open.  Please keep our Abate families in our prayers.  Let's all ride and be safe.