ABATE of Michigan Region 20

October 2012 News Letter


October 2012 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

Hello to all ABATE of MI members and families.   

In case you didn't find out:  Genesee Meetings have MOVED locations to the VFW Post 822, 5065 South Saginaw Street, Flint, Mi.  This is a couple of miles south of the old meeting place.  First Monday of the month at 7pm, 6pm for Officers. 

Treasurer and Secretary Reports were read and accepted. 

Mike's Awareness Report:  Calling ANYONE (you can sign up to be an ABATE Member) who is interested in becoming an Awareness Instructor, please contact Mike (Kritter)!!!!  Being an instructor is easy, just talking to the people about bikes, watching out for them, etc.  There are classes that happen in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, so they can fit it into your schedule.  There aren't many classes a month, but we need instructors to hit them all. This is a serious matter, so please contact Mike (Kritter) as he needs your assistance, call, text, email or Facebook him. 

Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County-Mark (The Bus) Berger gave this month's report.  Bus went through all the districts for our Region and who is for/against ABATE.  Also, please remember to VOTE on Tuesday, November 6, 2012!!!  Please watch and make sure you understand all the proposals before make a yes or no decision.  Check the October Rider for more information.   

Cares and Concerns:  Happy Birthday and Anniversaries to all in October.  Please keep Eric, Lynn and JoMamma in your thoughts and prayers.  We could use a Cares and Concerns in  both counties, so if interested, please let Randy know.  

Cupcake's Product Corner:  Nothing new to report.  Just taking inventory to see if we can order new and exciting products. 

Media/Events Coordinator Report:  The Giant Swap Meet that took place on Sunday, Oct. 21 in Birch Run, went well again.  This event is very beneficial for Region 20.  A HUGE thank you to Tim and all the others who worked so hard on making the event successful. 

The Region 20 Halloween Party was Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 in Bancroft!!  As it was an adult only party, what  costumes worn at the party stay at the party, LOL.  Since open to anyone and all the proceeds go toward Region 20's Motorcycle Awareness Program, we seen a couple new faces. 

Attention:  Region 20 members, the Christmas Party, December 2, 2012 at the Union hall behind “Encore, Encore” at the corner of Maple and Center Roads.  We will have to double check with Santa to make sure that he and the Mrs. will be there on time for the kids.  Any Region 20 member, make sure to get names, ages for the party to Randy or Robin (Bubbles)  for gifts so Santa has it easy.  All kids are welcome, however it will be up to the ones bringing the kids to provide gifts, as Santa is only bringing for the ABATE Region 20 family.  We all have to remember, Santa only has so much room on his sleigh.  Please check Region 20's Facebook page to see what is signed up for regarding dishes to pass for the party.  Contact Sassy to tell a dish to pass, email, text, call, etc.

Seminar is coming up on January 12 and 13, 2013.  I believe we have a theme, so if you want to know what it is, what you can do to help, etc., please, contact Sassy.  Hopefully you have reserved your room!!!   

The January Bike show at Birch Run Expo Center is coming up and we will be looking forward to getting as many Region 20 people signed up, as it is a 2 day event: Jan. 19 and 20, 2013. Sign up sheets will be available at November's meeting.  Lots of new things happening this year, especially for motorcycle “groups” that want to show off their nice ride(s) – SO check out the January Bike Show event on Region 20's page. 

RC  Report:  Reminder:  Elections will be happening in November, so make sure you attend the combined meeting on Monday, November x at VFW Post 822, 5065 South Saginaw Street, Flint, Mi.  We have 2 ABATE members running for Regional Coordinator (RC).  Secretary(s) and Treasurer will be voted on as well.  The “newly” elected people will take over in December.  Other positions are appointed.  

Give a great big hand to Vinnie and Debbie for going down south to help with the Red Cross. 

Welcome back: TJ and Becky, guess Arizona was a bit too hot and had to come back to Michigan.  Glad to have you back. 

R.A.V.E. Run on September 22, went over OK.  We will put our order in for 75 degrees and sunny for 2013. A decent amount of money was raised for this wonderful organization.  Remember, for the R.A.V.E. Run and Fall Color Tour events, you don't have to ride, you can use your regular vehicles or “The Party Bus”.  I guess there was a few funny things:  Randy and Georgia were left at Pirate's Cove and “Run, Forest, Run-Tim”.  The Safe Center Organization is always in need of items, so check the notes page on Region 20's Facebook page. 

Terry Brown thanked us for all the support for his son and his entire family from Region 20. 

The Color Tour hopefully turned out well as the weather was looking a bit wobbly.  Will find out more at November's Meeting.

Audrey has a New Nickname, ask her about it.

Open Discussion:  Hands Free Man: Phil Komar who rides for Michael J. Fox's  Parkinson's Disease Organization, did 522 hands free miles!!!  Thanks to Booboo for being lead on such a wonderful cause.  Thanks to Zip, Marte, Mike, Tim, Cathy, Rob, Laura, Audrey, Larry and Robin for all your help.  Oh, and a GREAT job riding Laura!!  Check out Phil's website. 

Sorry, 50/50 this month, so November, we will have to make it up.  For the Genesee County meeting we had 23 attendees.  December's meeting will be combined at Genesee County's VFW location on Monday, December 2, 2012. 

Find out what exciting things that are happening with Region 20, by visiting, visit www.Facebook.com (ABATE of Michigan Region 20)  or  www.abatemichregion20.com.

Sassy’s Second!!  October is a time to celebrate the kids with the fun of it all.  Also, a time to enjoy the family with going to cider mills, riding to see the trees changing color and just enjoy our beautiful state.