ABATE of Michigan Region 20

December 2012 News Letter


Region 20 – Genesee & Shiawasee Counties

RC – Tim Heath



THIS JUST IN!!! Region 20 has held their elections and we are proud to announce new officers! Congratulations to Tim Health as new RC and Debra Hurd as new Treasurer!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! Did you make your New Years Resolutions? If not, please make a resolution to step up and help out Kritter with Awareness. He reported 1,763 students have been taught this year. Although it isn't as many as last year, that's a great accomplishment! Kudos to Kritter and the Awareness team!

December's meeting was a Combined Meeting. New Members: Welcome Mike Harrington and Lynn Parrish! Welcome back Amy “CB” Frantz! Guests: Patty Covert, Theresa Covert and Stacey Morrow! Thanks for givin' a shit!

Treasurer and Secretary Reports were read and accepted.

LO Report was given by Bus. He discussed Bill 291 repeal, accident statistics and urged us as a Region to go back and visit Lansing. There are new representatives in office, let them know who we are! Speak to them, meet them and educate them! Bill 5848 is regarding the magnetic strips located at stoplights. This bill would allow riders to proceed through the light without it changing or waiting for a heavier vehicle to change the light. More to follow!

Cares and Concerns: Happy Birthday Gary Weins, Maurice Hollis! Please keep Larry Scott and Lilly Pinchock in your thoughts and prayers. Recover quickly you two!

Products: Please contact RC Tim Heath if you are interested in becoming a products officer! Thank you Cupcake for your dedication and hard work in Products! Much appreciated and sometimes unrecognized, hats off to you!

Chief Road Captain: Although absent at the meeting, very much there in spirit! Thank you Larry “Guard Dog” Scott for your hard work!!

Media/Events Coordinator: Sassy reminded us to sign up for Bike Show, January 19-20. We need volunteers to work security! We also have the opportunity to have a rented space either alone or with another organization. Please sign up to work! This is a great money making opportunity for the Region!

RC Report: Randy's Last Words!!! Christmas party was a great success, thank you to all that participated in making that happen! Aileen and Kraig – dj's, Bubbles and Audrey – gift purchases and wrapping, Vinnie – pictures! Thanks for givin' a shit! If you haven't gotten your room for seminar, do so ASAP!! Rooms are going quick! January 11-13th – if you cannot make the party and participate in workshops, please make it a point to vote on Sunday between 8-10am. Please do not forget, there will be a COMBINED meeting in January, due to the dates of seminar. And last but not least....Randy said he wanted to make this Region a family, which it has become. As he gave his tearful last speech he gave advice to both Tim and Bus. We are the closest Region in the state! And that was why the Region gave Randy Wilson what he deserved, a standing ovation! Great job Randy...just remember, it will always be your fault when we screw up!! Haha! Congratulations on Member of the Year!

After elections, Tim Heath sat at the table and finished the RC Report – concluding that appointed positions are available and to please contact him if interested in stepping up and helping out! Please feel free to bring new ideas and any concerns you may have to him. He is very excited to see the future of this Region! More to come at next month's meeting!

Open Discussion: A big thank you to the Region 20 members that welcomed home the troops! Welcome home brothers and sisters! Boo Boo mentioned that the Patriot Guard Riders will be placing flags and wreaths on graves, December 15th at the VA National Cemetery in Holly, MI. Please contact him for more information. Aileen has a Pampered Chef book party going on, please see her if interested. Santa also tearfully thanked us for helping him make the holidays special, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Claus! 50/50 was won by Rich Turchi, who donated $20 back! Combined meeting with 57 attendees! Woo hoo!! Great turn out for elections and what a tight race! Looking forward to seeing everyone at Seminar!!

xOOx – High Beams