ABATE of Michigan Region 20

January 2013 News Letter

Region 20 February Newsletter

RC – Tim Heath

Hello everyone!! The New Year is upon us and moving along quickly! January’s meeting went smoothly for new RC Tim Heath! Here’s the scoop….

Welcome Guest – Sam Ekhardt! Hope to see you return and thanks for givin’ a shit!

Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted.

Kritter reports that the Awareness Team is still in need of instructors. Anyone with some free time, please contact Kritter. He encouraged anyone who has not been to an Awareness class, please stop by! See what is involved. Very easy class to teach and what an impact it makes on the students and the safety of the roads!!! Education, education, education! 22 students have been taught this year, and the number continues to rise…

The LO reports was given by our lovely Marte. She reports to be looking for the LO Days to be posted. She will be getting a list together of the State Representatives in our areas to contact. Bill 5848, which Bus mentioned to us last month, is regarding magnetic strips for stop lights at intersections. Please make a list of the intersections you have noticed this occurring at and give that list to Vince Consiglio, Eric Eads or Jim Rhoades. When they speak to the representatives they can mention these specific intersections.

Cares and Concerns is being taken care of by Boo Boo and Bubbles! Thank you both! Boo Boo’s schedule allows him to make hospital visits or whatever is needed. They are compiling lists of birthdays and anniversaries – please submit your information to audreycoon@gmail.com if you would like your birthday or anniversary to be recognized by our WONDERFUL family!

Product is now being handled by Amanda Bliss! She reports that we have a lot of products that needs to be cleared out before we can purchase any new inventory! Please see her if you are interested in some gear for this upcoming riding season! If you are interested in selling products, please contact Amanda for details. She would love your help!

Chief Road Captain is Vinnie! Welcome! Please contact Vinnie if you are interested in becoming a Road Captain! He is looking for your contact information. Vinnie will also be handling our State Raffle Tickets this year, so please contact him if you are interested in selling a book or two of tickets.

Events!! Tim has designated that Kathy will be our Events Director – reporting to her would be our two Events Coordinators Aileen and Deb Hurd. If you are interested in joining the Events Committee please contact these ladies! They will need our help in planning our events to make sure they run smoothly. Biking for Burns is around the corner – be watching for dates and times for Committee meetings!

Aileen is also stepping up to become a Chief Area Coordinator for Genesee County. Please see her with your contact information so she can make sure we are adequately placing our literature and flyers where they will be seen the best!

RC Report: Congrats Tim on your first full meeting at the table! TC would like to be our “Prayer Man” instead of Chaplain (to be religiously correct). He does a great job and enjoys it! Pray on, Prayer Man! The appointed positions were announced at the meeting. For a full list of Officers and Appointed positions, please see the table in February’s meeting. I will provide a list for everyone to make it easier as we go through these changes in positions. Tim would like to see the Region become a bit more tech savvy. The Region’s e/mail address is now…. Abateregion20@gmail.com. Tim can be contacted at this e/mail address. He would like to e/mail members that miss the meeting, or members that would like the minutes e/mailed to them. This will help us grow together and keep everyone in the loop. If you would like your e/mail address or contact information added to this list please e/mail audreycoon@gmail.com so I can prepare a list for Tim.

Hope everyone had a great time at Seminar!! xOOx High Beams