ABATE of Michigan Region 20

February 2013 News Letter


Region 20 Genessee and Shiawassee Counties RC - Tim Heath

Hello Region 20!! And welcome new members and guests - Earl Griffis, Alicia Hall and Nikkei Harrington. Thanks for givin a shit!! February Genesee meeting had 26 attendees and Shiawassee had 17. Great attendance for two very productive and informational meetings. There is lots going on in Region 20 and if you would like to get in the loop and you cannot make it to the meetings, email Tim at abateregion20@gmail.com. If you have submitted your email address then you have already received the region's first email from Tim. Good job Tim! Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted. Awareness report was read by Eric Wallace. Eric will be leaving us soon, so safe travels Eric. Awareness is still in need of instructors, please contact Kritter for more information. The LO report was read by Marte and Bus both packed full of lots of information. LO days and pizza/pop days have been posted. Please see Marte and Bus for details and meeting times. February 27th is pizza/pop day at the Speakers Library. Freedom is not free and we have upcoming dates for Spring Freedom rally. Cares and Concerns - Bubbles and Kathy bumped their noggins...but feeling better! Keep Basic Bob in your thoughts. Eric West, Kritter's dad, and Becca Harrington with her knee surgery. Sending the love your way guys... Happy Birthday to Leah, Too Tall and Vinnie! Kritter missed a meeting for the first time in 5 years! But for good reason!!! ;) Products - see Amanda for your custom styling needs! Rockers and back patches have been ordered. Awareness signs will be ordered soon. Vinnie, our Chief Road Captain updated us on some dates for rides. Awareness ride is coming up as well as Bikin for Burns! Raffle tickets are being distributed for those interested in selling, see Vinnie! Events - Bikin for Burns is well under way for planning. If you are interested in being on the events committee or helping with a specific event, please see Princess Badass (Kathy)...she's pretty bad ass, helping place us in 2nd place for seminar! Not too shabbbby! Media is going to be handled by High Beams..as well as events if Princess Badass or Deb need assistance. RC Report..Tim wanted to remind the membership about the email address listed above where he may be reached at any time before 10 pm ;) He is going to keep us updated between meetings to make sure everyone is informed and encouraged to participate. Liquor laws have changed folks - field meet will be a BYOB this year. We also have a new manager of the campground. Please see Tim for tickets - $25 in advance, $35 at the door. Your membership must stay current. Tim has gotten a copy of membership from the state. If you have questions as to if your membership is current, see Tim! Dues are going up! Renew now! Thank you for those who helped out at the Bike Show -region benefits greatly from your work. Please refer to emails from Tim for more specific details going on with the region. If you have pictures you would like to send to Stephen, please contact him! We are working on keeping our webpage updated. Gary wanted to remind us of the Axemens Fun Run going on May 18th. Vinnie inquired how the membership would feel about a progressive dinner run! More details on that to follow! Thank you to all Region 20 members for their support and understanding while we shuffle around officers and get out shit straight. Any problems, refer to Randy...its his fault anyway! Haha!! Until next time, stay safe!
High Beams