Region 20 - Genesee and Shiawassee Counties
RC - Tim "SNAP" Heath
Helllllo Region 20!! Riding season is upon us! Woohoo!!! No new members or guests this month. Genesee had 22 attendees and Shiawassee had 10 attendees. Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted. If you would like to be added to the region's e/mail list to receive monthly newsletters from Tim, please contact High Beams to be added to that list.
The Awareness Team has taught 206 students to date! Great job guys! We are very sad to see Eric Wallace leaving us, however if you are down in Florida, hit him up! April 13th is the Awareness Party in Bancroft, tickets are $10. See Kritter for tickets and if you are interested in selling tickets.
The LO Team reports this month that the state of Michigan is trying to push for us to wear high visibility clothing while riding, how do you feel about it? Let us know! Also see Marte or Bus for a list of LO Days, we all appreciate the participation for those of us that cannot make Wednesdays.
Cares and Concerns will no longer be handled by Boo Boo and Bubbles, unfortunately due to life circumstances. If you are interested, or have a care/concern, please see SNAP. Congratulations Larry "Guard Dog" Scott on your recovery and return to work!
Amanda in Products reports that the patches she has ordered have yet to come in, please check back! She will let us know when she receives the new inventory.
Road Captain Vinnie reports that we have our first ride coming up on April 27th, Awareness Ride! Let's hope for great weather and get our awareness teams ready to make us SEEN! Also, Vinnie is handling the State Raffle Tickets...sign out some tickets from Vinnie if you are interested in selling. There are incentives!
The Events Team reports the Swap Meet coming up on April 21st. There are shifts still available, please see Princess Badass for sign up times and more details.
And onto the RC Report...SNAP reports that Seminar location HAS changed. Location is now at Midland Resort. Bikin' for Burns recipients were voted on and the committee voted for Mundy Twp, Vernon Twp for all proceeds. Portions of corporate donations to be received by Hurley Burn Unit through the Hurley Foundation. Field Meet tickets are in and currently on sale. See SNAP for tickets! There are incentives for us as a region (most endorsed riders and highest attendance). Not to mention what a GREAT time there is to be had! May's meeting schedule is as follows: Shiawassee County will have meeting on May 5th, with Genesee County having meeting on May 6th..due to Bikin' for Burns.
Congrats Terry Brown on winning 50/50!! Until next time....xOOx High Beams

Audrey "High Beams" Coon
ABATE Region 20