ABATE of Michigan Region 20

August 2013 News Letter

REGION 20 - Genesee & Shiawassee Counties

RC - Tim “Snap” Heath

August 5th Genesee meeting came to a order at

1902, with the Pledge Of Allegiance, then followed

by a prayer by TC, then a moment of silence for

a good member Larry Scott. There was 32 people

at the meeting in Genesee with new guest Samuel

Eckhardt, and Wild Bill from Region 19, Thanks for

Giving A Shit. There were 20 people at Shiawassee

meeting on August 11th that came to order at 1400

with the Pledge of Allegiance then followed by a

prayer. There was no new guest at the meeting.

Secretary report was short and sweet with the

Holiday last month. The Tara Sturgis Memorial

Run turned at great, thanks for all who showed up.

The report was accepted. Treasury report, Biking

for Burns post meeting is on the 8th after the

Shiawassee meeting. The report was accepted and


Awareness report, as of July we are plus 15 better

than this time last year, way to go Awareness keep

up the good work. The report was accepted. Legislative

report, keep an eye out for the long lights and

report them, as no one wants to sit at a light for a

long time. You can check out the website for the

Secretary Of State for rider safety tips.

We need someone to do the reports from October

until April as she is going to the sunny state to relax

and have fun down there. So someone please step

up and help her out. The report was accepted and


Chief Road Captain report: We talked about the

raffle tickets, great job everyone who was selling

them, good luck to who wins that new bike.

Rave Run is on September 21st, the rides leaves

Hickory bar at 12 sharp and it ends back there. It is

a rain or shine ride, so hope everyone comes out for

it. We still need auction items for it so get with Zip

to help out. The report was accepted.

Product report: nothing really new. We have a new

Product person, the report was accepted. Cares

and Concerns: Larry Scott a great member of our

Region has passed away. Prayers and thoughts go

out to his family and friends. R.I.P Brother you will

be miss by all of us, ‘til we meet

again. Kritter’s dad had heart

surgery thoughts and prayers go

out to him for a speedy recovery.

TC’s boss passed away, prayers

go out to him and his family. On

a better note Jo mama’s daughter

had a birthday along with Kathy

and Deb who is older than Randy

lol - Happy Birthday to all.

TJ Towns is stepping down from

his position of Sergeant of arms.

So if someone is willing to take

over feel free to step up to the

plate and help out. Thanks TJ for

your time.

Media and Events report: Year to

end party was cancelled this year;

it was set for Aug 24th.

Rave Run is Sept 21st, on Sept

7th is the Warrior Poker Run,

October 20th is Swamp meet in

Birch Run.

We are still thinking of a theme

Seminar; bring all ideas to the


We are going to get a fun ride going

for Larry Scott, time and date

not known at this time.

The report was accepted. RC

report talked about the stepping

down of TJ Sergeant of

arms. Tom and Julie the product

people, and Mike Campbell from

Region 18 is taking it over.

MRF is getting paid.

Pack fund is down.

Field Meet turned out not as well

as planned. They are looking for

new ideas for it.

There was a motion for the

Region to pay for the patches for

Larry Scott and everybody to buy

them. The motion was accepted.

Still need a new Membership

person to take that over so someone

please step up and help out.

On the sad note Tim “Snap” is

stepping down at the end of the


Axemen, good luck Tim the Axemen

is a bunch of good guys and

thanks for a great year!!

So if someone wants to run for

the Region’s next RC, it will be

open and the end of the year.

The report was accepted and


50/50 was won by Terry.

Wes sold the most raffle tickets

for the new bike for the Region.

Remember riding season is still

upon us, so from Region 20 be

safe and ride hard until next time,

this is your Secretary Bryan “Big

B” Finks.

ar to become the MC with the