ABATE of Michigan Region 20

September 2013 News Letter

Region 20 
Genesee and Shiawassee Counties.
RC Tim "Snap" Heath

The Meeting was a combined meeting in Siaiwassee County. Start time 1402. New guest were Tim and Marge Wiggle, Linda Moore, Doug Ireland, Bob Powers, and Dave Pettit. Thanks For Giving A Shit. Secretary report was read and accepted, Gary motion to accept it and Amanda 2nd it. Treasurer Report was read and Zip motion to accept it and Lumpy 2nd it. Awareness report 202 students taught in August brings the total to 1262, that is 43 ahead from last year. If we maintain this we will still be down our goal of 1900 students. Keep up the good work lets hit our goal. Kritter asks for a motion to accept, Zip motion to accept LOL Boo Boo 2nd. Tim said we are doing this for Awareness Report. Membership said why not.. We'll see if anybody remembers at next meeting. Marte's last Lo report till April, Lisa will read her reports till she returns, thanks for stepping up Lisa. Please remember to call/email your Reps and Senators. Agencies are getting skewed reports to them and we need to step up and help them understand the new laws that will affect the biker community. The red light bill is still being reviewed. Feds are trying to employ motorcycle check points, 6 states have banned this already.Mart's last words Fare Forward Fellow Freedom Fighters. She wanted us to say it 3 times fast, we told her to do it frist she only made it to her 2nd try, lol. Cares and Concerns Margaret 50/50 birthday and prayer for her up coming surgery good luck. Papa T and Mary will be married for 11 years they will be headed out on the bikes, congrats. Jo has a new riding companion ( new dog ) he loves to ride in the car and get in on his own. Rebecca is asking for prayers for TJ he is working hard and comes home everyday with a new scab, he most be working really hard... Boo Boo is asking for flags to send to Chip overseas any flags will do. Please bring them to the next meeting. Tim Wiggle from Region 14 thanks us for helping during Blessing in Hell. And if they had it in 2014 if we would help again. Membership Report nothing new this month. Product Report we have the same stuff, Amanda is moving Tim ask for someone to step up and help out. Road Captain Report was read and accepted. Up coming events and rides 10/12 Fall Color Tour 10/20 Swap meet Birch Run 10/26 Region 20 Halloween Party it is going to be in Bancroft. Lets have the best turn out every that means both Genesee and Shiawassee Counties, come out and have fun.. RC Report have a few patches in memory of Larry Scott, please let him know if you want one and he can get more if needed. Tim called Chad regarding the swap meet so we can get a head count hoe many members we need to work. Terry from Hickory is still inquiring about an ABATE sign, Gary will donate one. Thanks Gary. Open Discussion Boo Boo can the region donate a region flag to Chip, Zip will get one for him thanks Zip. Region 14 is holding a sight-in and Chili Cook off on 11/2 at 1pm BYOB. January event booth at Novi Expo ask if we care to lend a hand. Next month meetings are Genesee county 10/7 and Shiawassee county 10/13. Stephen and Neil participated in the State Bike giveaway it was a touching tribute to those of 9/11. Please support our troops and public services men/women. Boo Boo Ride Safe!!!!! Vinnie motion to adjourn and Gary 2nd it. It was unanimous!!! Until next time Your Secretary Bryan "Big B" Finks