ABATE of Michigan Region 20

May 2014 News Letter


Thank you everyone that came out to the Awareness party. It was a huge success with 65 people. Despite the minor setback of no power (thank you Stephen & Neil for fixing that), everyone had a great time. Thank you to Mark Buchannan our State Awareness officer for attending this event (I’m sure we left a lasting impression). The Awareness ride a few days later was also a great success with 21 people on 16 motorcycles and in 1 truck, and it was a lot of fun too.

Thank you to everyone that helped out with the swap meet.

As  I have chosen to wait until the Sunday after Bikin for Burns to send my report, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of those that did show up to help. Thanks to everyone else that came up too. Again thank you to Mark Buchannan for attending this event it’s always great to see you guys.   We had an amazing year (hooray for good weather (finally)). It actually brought us in more than 800 motorcycles!!!  I was very honored to be the Grand Marshall this year and I actually got to ride in my first B4B ride (as I am usually at Circus Park setting up). It is so wonderful to be part of an organization that day to day does so many amazing things and still can find time to help so many others. I love the selflessness of so many of our members. I am always so proud when we can come together and accomplish so much with “never enough” resources. I think Lumpy said it best when he said when life hands Region 20 lemons, we just pass around the bottle of tequila and a salt shaker.

The May 5th meeting came to order at 7:07 with 23 people in attendance including 4 guests. Pledge of allegiance said and a prayer by Santa.

Lisa read the Secretary’s report.

Bryan read the Treasurers report: The billboard is up and paid for. You can see it on south bound I75 behind Meijer.

Mike read the Awareness report: 71 students taught this months and 205ytd. Mike said thank you to all that came to the Awareness party and ride and he hopes next year more will come to the ride.

Marte read the LO report: Please research your medical, motorcycle, and car insurance as HB-4612 is gaining momentum (they want to redo the insurance reform). June 4th is the Freedom Rally in Lansing. We leave Capitol Harley at 10am and the Burger King in Perry at 11 to be in Lansing by noon. We need to put a face to our voice and let them know that yes we ride, yes we pay taxes, yes we vote and yes we will vote them out…

Bryan read Cares & Concerns report: May birthdays; 3rd John “Santa” Langworthy, 16th Bryan ‘Big B” Finks, 19th Eric “Kitty” West, 22nd Dave “Lumpy” Turner, 23rd Kenny Malley. Please pray for Bryan as he is recovering from surgery and for Margaret and her family.

Bryan read Road Captain, Chief Area Coordinator/M&E: All set for B4B, Aileen England has stepped up for Chief Area Coordinator/M&E.

Bryan read the RC report: Thanks to all that helped out and attended the Awareness party, ride and swap-meet. Raffle tickets are due Aug 29th and the next swap-meet is Oct 19th.

Meeting came to a close at 8:07