ABATE of Michigan Region 20

December 2014 News Letter

Personal Note from your Secretary:

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!  Watching all of the children sit there quietly listening with anticipation while Mrs. Claus read them a story of Santa’s crazy antics at the Christmas party was one of the most precious moments any of us could have ever had the privilege to see. There was so much laughter and holiday cheer from everyone; it was easy to forget about the stress of this season. I think Randy said it best when he told us that this was his favorite event because “we are all family”. It was so wonderful to meet everyone’s families and friends. The decorations, music and food were fantastic. Thank you to everyone that could attend and to everyone that helped out.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you to Santa and Mrs. Claus for another beautiful and entertaining main attraction.

Membership Meeting Minutes:

The December 1 combined meeting came to order at 7:05pm. Pledge of allegiance said and prayer by TC. 23 members in attendance with one guest, Sandra Sellers.

The Treasurers, Secretaries and R.C.’s reports were read and accepted.

Meeting came to close at 8:47pm.


Our M&E/Membership officer Audrey is trying something new and offering a referral system to help boost our membership. Every time a member gets a new member (or someone that has not been a member in over 2 yrs.) to sign up, they will get their name entered into a drawing for a prize that will be drawn at the November meeting. There is no limit to the amount of times your name can be put into this drawing. The only catch to this is that you have to give the filled-out form to Audrey to be sent, so that we can keep our membership records up to date.


The first official 2015 B4B committee meeting is January 19 at Foutches Pub 1477 S Linden Rd Flint, Michigan 48532 at 6:30pm.

Seminar this year for the whole state is also (unbeknownst to them) Randy’s 50th birthday celebration. So book your room now and let’s get ready for the ride… oh yes and all of the important stuff discussed at Seminar.


Cares and Concerns for the month: Birthdays Robin “Bubbles” Goyette 11 and Mike “Kritter” Poage 28. Please keep Jo-Mama in your thoughts and prayers as well as Steve Graves and his family.  

We still need motorcycle/motorcycle event t-shirts for the quilt.

We are looking for any Region 20 event pictures from the last 2 yrs. to put on our web site and on face book.

Our next meetings are Sunday, January 4, at The Hickory Lounge in Owosso at 2pm and Monday, January 5, at The VFW Hall in Burton at 7pm.

Our next party is February 14 (spoiler alert guys: that’s Valentine’s Day) for our 1st annual Valentine’s Day Party. Located at: Consumers Energy Union Hall, 3505 Commercial Ave (Corner of Maple and Center Rd) Burton, Michigan. It starts at 7pm, $10.00 per person, BYOB and everyone is welcome so invite friends.     

I have to make a few corrections to last month’s report:              Bob Miller is our new Area Coordinator, Carrie Flood is our Webmaster/Cares and Concerns and Terry Brown Sr. was at the meeting, not Terry Brown Jr. although Terry Brown Jr. did come to Decembers meeting (good to see you again!), so I will count that as a win and not a mistake.

From all of us at Region 20: May all of your holiday hopes and dreams come true.  Please have the very merriest Christmas and a safe and happiest of all New Year’s.