ABATE of Michigan Region 20

January 2015 Newsletter

“Lansing is quiet right now but they are still listening. Fire up your computers and phones and keep the discussions open, and the bug in their ears that we are bikers, we vote, and we are not going away. We know first-hand the power of the press to sway people’s minds, even if it is baseless fact and fiction. We need to educate ourselves, the new legislators and Joe-Q-Public. The wolves are at the gate. It is up to each member to keep the gate closed and fight the fight.” – Martha Merrell


Our January 4 meeting at Hickory Lounge came to order at 2:01pm. Pledge of allegiance said and prayer said by Boo Boo. There were 14 members in attendance.


The Treasure, Secretary and R.C. reports were read and accepted.


Meeting came to close at 3:13pm.


The January 5 meeting at the VFW Hall came to order at 7:00pm. Pledge of allegiance said and prayer said by Randy. There were 14 members in attendance with two guest; Sandra Sellers and Dallas Towns.


The Treasure, Secretary and R.C. reports were read and accepted.


Meeting came to close at 7:58pm.


As well as:


Randy read a beautiful letter of appreciation from Gleaners Food Bank and the Tresik Family to Region 20 for our financial contribution to their cause.




        The first official 2015 B4B committee meeting is January 19 at Foutches Pub 1477 S Linden Rd Flint, Michigan 48532 at 6:30pm.

        Seminar this year for the whole state is also Randy’s 50th birthday celebration... it is going to be so much fun. Thank you, Rebecca Towns for stepping up to take on the “salad project”.

        Our next party is Saturday, February 14 (that’s Valentine’s Day) for our 1st annual Valentine’s Day Party. It will be located at: Consumers Energy Union Hall, 3505 Commercial Ave (Corner of Maple and Center Rd) Burton, Michigan. It starts at 7pm, $10.00 per person, BYOB and everyone is welcome so invite friends.

        Saturday, March 21 is the B4B BOWLING Fun-raiser (a pre-fund raiser for B4B). It will take place at B’s Bowling Center, 750 S. Center Road Flint, MI 48506. The event starts at 9pm. This includes 2 games of glow bowl per person, 1 pizza and 1 pitcher of beer per lane (5-6 people). The cost is $20.00 per person. This fundraiser is a lot of fun as well as a great cause. Everyone is welcome; bring all of your friends.


Cares and Concerns for the month:

Birthdays; Rebecca Herrington 11th, Amanda Bliss 15th, Randy Wilson 21st, Elizabeth Foskey 22nd, Rob Clark 24th, Stephen Kuch 26th, Lily Pinchock 28th, and Robert Bock 30th.

Thoughts and prayers for Steve Graves, Deb Hart and Dan Hart for the loss of loved ones and for Rebecca Herrington and Lynn Turchi on fast recovery for their surgeries.

Region 20 would like to congratulate Dan Hill on the birth of his beautiful baby boy, Brayden, 5lb 7oz.

Our next meetings are Sunday, February 1 at the Hickory Lounge at 2pm and Monday, February 2 at the VFW Hall at 7pm.


Noteworthy meeting moments: A very special Region 20 thank you; to Boo Boo, for your heartfelt and tearful rendition of the treasurers report (you had us all there with ya man). As well as a shout out to our honorary member (under 18) for all of his hard work at the Christmas Party, Dallas Towns.