ABATE of Michigan Region 20

May 2015 News Letter

Via Randy: What a great weekend!! We had another successful Bikin 4 Burns. Abate Region 20 you are the best… year in and year out you all amaze me. Thanks to all the bikes that came out and supported B4B. See you next year.  A special thanks to Perry Fire Department and Genesee Fire Department; Thanks guys for all the help.

This year at Bikin for Burns we were honored to receive a very special heartfelt donation from the family of John Legueux, a loyal, long time B4B attender. As John had passed away recently his family asked that the funeral donation be made to our B4B event.  On top of that, they generously matched the donations themselves. It was our honor and privilege to meet them when they came to B4B to present us with a check. Thank you so much to Tracy and CJ Lanphear.  Thanks for giving a shit!

The Awareness party and ride were also very successful with a great turn out at both. Thank you to everyone that came and helped out. Our bill board is up, new, and shiny. It is located on south bound I75 on the eastside at Pierson Rd. Also, a big shout-out to Mike, Marte and Super Boo for taking a turn in the torcher chamber with me. Thank you so much guys.

The May 3 meeting at The Hickory Lounge with 11 people in attendance was called to order at 2:01pm by Co RC Terry Goyette. The pledge of allegiance said and prayer by Robin Goyette .

The Treasure, Secretary and R.C. reports were read and accepted.

The meeting came to close at 2:36pm.


The May 4 meeting at Foutch’s Pub came to order at 7:07pm.  We had 3 guests for a total of 30 in attendance. The pledge of allegiance said and prayer by Rick Long.

The Treasure, Secretary and R.C. reports were read and accepted.

The meeting came to close at 8:26pm.


Congratulation to Terry “Booboo” Goyette for stepping up to be our new Co RC.


The End of Summer Party and Safe Center (formerly Rave) Raffle Drawing have been moved to September 19 so that we can combine them with (drum roll please) Zip and Marte’s wedding. This will be an amazing and super fun weekend.  Please plan to be there.


Zip has Safe Center Raffle tickets.

Larry and Carrie Flood still have Bike Raffle tickets.


Cares and Concerns:

Birthdays: Rebecca Town 2, John Langworthy 3, Eric West 19, Dave Turner 22 and Kenny Malley 23.

Please keep in your prayers: Santa and Mrs. Claus, Robin and her family, and Rob and Kay Clark.Bottom of Form


Region 20 is suspending the Shiawassee meeting at The Hickory Lounge until fall due to very low attendance. However if anyone is out and about feel free to stop in at The Hickory Lounge on the first Sunday of the month at 2pm for an informal meet up or ride.

Our next meeting is June 1 at Foutch’s Pub, 1477 S Linden Rd, Flint, 48532 at 7pm.