ABATE of Michigan Region 20

September 2015 News Letter

Hello Region 20!!


We have some very important news to pass along, as there have been some changes in "the office". Randy Wilson has stepped down as RC -  Boo Boo has been appointed the interim RC until elections at the end of the year. Georgia accepted a position in Traverse City and they moved up north. Congratulations Georgia! We will miss you both! 


September meeting was moved to the 14th at Foutch's due to Labor Day holiday. Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted.


Please watch HB4736 - they are trying to raise our plates to $123! Contact your Representative and let them know that this CANNOT happen! Act Now! Also watch HB4651 - involving non-endorsed riders. Please urge all of your family and friends to get their endorsement. It's easy to do and worth having whether you own a bike at this time or not. First offense for no endorsement is $500 and 90 days in jail. The following offenses are $1000 and 1 year in jail. Get endorsed today!!


Shout out to our Awareness Team - 561 Students taught so far this year! Great job! Anyone looking to purchase Awareness yard signs - please note there was a motion at the last meeting to sell the signs for $10. The signs have previously been sold for $7 to members and $10 to non-members. In efforts to raise money for the region to help our awareness program, we will be selling the signs for $10 going forward. 


The State Bike Raffle has taken place - Congrats to the winner! (hope its me!) Thank you Larry and Carrie Flood for your hard work on the Bike Raffle tickets - much appreciated!


Stay tuned for more details about the RAVE Run (Safe Center) - we always look forward to this event every year to help out yet another local charity. Congratulation to Zip and Marte on their marriage!! We showed up in our typical Region 20 style at the End of Summer Party - thanks to all that attended! Already looking forward to next year! 


Mark your calendars for the Fall Color Tour on October 10th - this will also be a benefit run for Tim Williams. Registration will start at 10am at Top End on Dort Hwy., ride leaving at 12 noon sharp. The cost is $10/person with 50% of the proceeds to help raise money for Tim's family. You may remember Tim as the mechanic at Top End. He was tragically killed in a bike accident, so please come show your support and take a nice ride with us! 


Please come to the monthly meetings to get involved and learn more about Region 20. High Beams (Audrey) is still running the Membership Referral Program - refer a member and get your name entered into the drawing at the end of the year for a Visa Gift Card! This will always come handy at the Holidays. Speaking of Holidays - our very own Santa is doing well after several medical procedures. Glad to see you’re doing well, friend! Now can you grow that beard back quickly?? We have a party coming up at the end of the year! 


Remember EVERY month we ride is awareness month. Hope to see you all at the next meeting - be safe out there! High Beams xoxo