ABATE of Michigan Region 20

October 2015 News Letter

Helllllo Region 20!! October was a combined meeting at Foutch's Pub and we had a full house! Thank you to all that came out to participate. Welcome back Richard Alderman, good to see your face back. Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted. Marte gave her last LO report of the year, her and Zipper have headed south. Be on the lookout for sunny reports from the south! Larry Flood will step in for our snowbird. As reported last month there are a couple bills to keep an eye on - HB4736 raising the price of plates and HB4651 involving endorsements. Next bill up that we should watch is HB4853 which is proposing to raise the cost of endorsement class from $25 to $50. Awareness is working very hard and is just at the brink of breaking 700 students taught for the year! GREAT JOB Awareness TEAM!!! Every student taught is a life saved and helps promote keeping us all safe. Thank you for all that you do! 


Please keep Lilly's granddaughter in your thoughts and prayer. Also, please keep Becky Sue in your thoughts as her Aunt Doreen is battling poor health. Happy Birthday: 3rd Bastard, 7th Connie, 13th Sandy, 14th Tim Heath, 18th Rich Turchi, 22nd Boo Boo and Carrie. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all of those we missed! 


Our Facebook page is up to 449 Likes! Keep sharing any status that you see regarding Abate events, word of mouth is huge. Please urge your friends to like our page! We still have the Membership Referral Program happening right now. Refer a friend to the Region and put yourself in the running to win a gift certificate in December. That's a deal you don't want to miss! Congratulations on Ted and Janelle Stilson on becoming Life Members. Congrats Jessica Bruce on graduating with a 3.4 GPA! Great job Kiddo! 


Zipper reported that the SAFE Center raised $2150 - thank you to all that participated and those kind enough to donate back their winnings! 


Fall Color Tour was a beautiful ride in case you missed it. Thank you all participated in this event with proceeds going to Tim Williams’ family. Tim Williams was the mechanic at Top End that was tragically killed earlier this year. We were able to raise $325 for his family. Thank you Shannon and Becky for arranging the refreshments at the end of the ride. Thank you TC for arranging such a beautiful route for us. Everyone went home with a gift and everyone went home with memories to cherish for years to come.


Margaret is making another quilt and needs T-shirts, please bring to the November and December meetings. Becky Sue won 50/50 and made a generous donation back to the region, thank you! 


Shiawassee Meetings will resume in November - please plan on attending November 1st Shiawassee Meeting at The Hickory. Genesee Meeting will be November 2nd at Foutch's Pub. It's very important to attend one of these meetings because it's that time of year again, ELECTIONS! Nominations are as follows: Treasurer - Bubbles. No one else nominated, Bubbles will remain as Treasurer. LO - Marte. No one else nominated, Marte will remain as LO. Secretary - Audrey and Lisa nominated. RC - Kritter and General nominated. Congrats to Bubbles and Marte! Good Luck to Audrey, Lisa, Kritter and General. Please plan to attend to cast your vote, please note you can only vote at one meeting. 


Until next time, Ride Safe and Ride Free. High Beams xoxo