ABATE of Michigan Region 20

November 2015 News Letter

Hellllo Region 20! This just in! Elections are complete and I am proud to announce we have new leadership. Congratulations General on becoming the Region's RC! Kritter will accompany General as Co-RC. Congratulations to Kritter for Member of the Year. You deserve it! Congratulations High Beams on remaining Secretary! Thank you Lisa for running and remaining the Awareness Director.  Thank you to all that came out to vote. We had quite the turnout! No new members or guests but we did see some old faces reappear. Glad to see you all! 


Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted. 


Marte sends a sunny report from Florida - watch for HB4853 for increase in cost of endorsement classes, HB4905 fines for unendorsed riders, HB4854 waiver for endorsement test, HB4651 modify penalties for unendorsed riders, SB404 liability waiver of properties used for endorsement classes. Please research the following which ABATE does not support: SB527 Helmet Bill, HB4736 increase in plates, SB496 penalties for unendorsed riders. 


Awareness is clipping right along, Lisa reported 9 more classes before the year is out. Great job Lisa! Looking forward to see what our final number is for year end. 


Moving along to Cares and Concerns: Please keep Holly Berger in your thoughts, her fiance was killed in a bike accident. Jomama's daughter was in labor, Santa's niece underwent serious operation, Larry and Carrie Flood's friend passed, Bubbles cousin is in poor health. CB is graduating in December, Ted had a granddaughter #10, Bus and Cupcake welcome great-granddaughter. 


The Region Facebook page has 450 Likes! Keep spreading the word to your friends! 


Membership Referral Program will be ending in December. There are names in the drawing for a Visa Gift Card $25 - enter yours today. Contact High Beams for more details. 


The Christmas Party will be on December 6th at 2pm at Utility Workers Union Hall on Maple and Center Rds. in Burton. Please bring your child or grandchild a gift, $10 limit. This is a BYOB event and please bring a dish to pass. Kritter will be bringing the sloppy joe's. If you are unable to purchase a gift for your child, please contact an officer and let us know. We don't want to see a child go without. Please go on our facebook page and reply to the post letting everyone know what you are bringing so we don't end up with 10 potato salads. Thank you! 


Seminar is around the corner, January 22-24th. Reserve your rooms today!! There will be a lot of great information to share and many good memories to be made! Contact Kritter for more information regarding specific accommodations for the new location. Cost of rooms are $70-$80 depending on the view from your room.


There is a correction to report from the last rider  - the money that was donated to Tim William's family from the Fall Color Tour was actually $305. I apologize for the misprint. 


Santa won 50/50 and made a generous donation back - thank you Santa! 


Next meeting will be at Foutch's Pub in Flint on December 7th at 7pm. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. 


Until next time, Ride Safe and Ride Free. 


High Beams xoxo