ABATE of Michigan Region 20

2016 February News Letter

Abate Region 20 February Newsletter


Ok, well here it is my first report back in the secretarial hot seat, LOL!!  This month JoMamma signed back up!!  Guests in Genesee:  Hot Rod, the State Awareness Director, George Bennet, RC of Region 14 and Dawn Brown.  Secretary Report was read and accepted. No Treasurer Report as bank Account is being updated.  For all of us women out there, Frog was selected Sgt. at Arms for the Region!  YOU GO GIRL! 


Membership has the referral program, so give membership monies directly to Audrey so she can keep track of people eligible for the Visa Gift Card.  I wanna win it, so watch out, I am in recruiting mode!


For February we need to keep some people in our thoughts and prayers: TC & Shannon; Becky, TJ & Dallas; Jessica; Amy “CB”; Basic Bob; General.  Happy Birthday to you:  TJ Town and you: Too Tall. Happy Anniversary: Margaret & Ross.  The Webmaster says Facebook still needs about 30 more likes to reach her goal of 500.  So go out there and post to have people like our Facebook page, we need to make them aware.  Check out the new section of the Region Website called “Seminar News”. 


Drum roll please:  The LO Report:  ABATE has come a long way as a grass roots organization and voice at the capitol. This year will be no different, we need our members to step up and be active.  Our freedom is not free and only we can make us or break us. Put Legislative Days and Pizza and Pop Day on your calendars. We need to introduce ourselves again and make them aware that we are not going away just because the Helmet Law passed in our favor, our work is not done. The next three are days we try to meet with the House Reps and Senators:  Wed March 16th; Wed April 13th; Wed May 18th.  Wed June 8th is the Freedom Rally on the capitol steps at Noon. The latest statistics on motorcycle crashes show proof that Education and Awareness, not Helmets, make the difference. There are two new House members in Lansing.  Remember to write, email, snail mail, Facebook or see the Reps. in house. 


And for Awareness by Kritter, 84 students so far in 2016.  Mike is super busy and needs instructors!  Please help if you can!  Don’t forget we have the Awareness Party on April 9, 2016 and the Awareness Ride on April 30, 2016.  Get ‘em here, get your yard signs for just $10 each.  Put ‘em all over your yard; that will make them aware!


Open Discussion:  By laws will be updated and put on ABATE of MI website after changes from seminar.  Hot Rod-Awareness Director of Mi talked about not worrying about region borders when teaching awareness.  Save a Life is what matters!  Now isn’t that was ABATE has been saying all along???  Hmm, am I wrong?  Thanks for giving a shit Hot Rod!  The Events Coordinator is reminding everyone about the B4B Bowling event on March 26 at Grand Blanc Lanes; all proceeds go to Genesee Township Fire Department.  Fees must be paid by March 18, 2016.  We have another B4B meeting in the wind.  Thanks to Janelle and Teddy Bear for taking on products!  Way to go and thanks for giving a shit. 


Seminar was a great success, hope you all made it, if not, we will see you in 2017!  Larry, Amanda, Frog and Mike helped sell tix for quilt.  Mike won. Hmmm, we must be a heck of a lucky region, as the quilts just don’t wanna leave, cause we keep on winning them!  Yeehaw!! See Larry or Carrie for your 10 pack of 2016 Harley Raffle Tickets.   Valentine’s Day dance was cancelled, cause we kinda didn’t know about it, sorry all you lovers out there, there is next year!  George Bennett-Region 14 RC said State’s Products will soon be on the internet.  Sandy won 50/50 and donated some back to awareness.  Great Job. As always, Be Safe Out There!