ABATE of Michigan Region 20

March 2016 News Letter

Abate Region 20 March Newsletter


Well, we have all been fortunate to have such a mild winter.   There are motorcycles out right now, so good thing the Awareness Events aren’t too far away. 


There weren’t any guests or new members this month. 


Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted.  


State of Mi Abate is talking about a membership drive.  This is all in the works and current sign up prices will remain the same. Our Region has a referral program for a Visa Gift Card.


March 2016 LO Report: The capitol is busy right now with the Flint Water Crisis. Pizza & Pop day was a success! Thanks to the member that was there even with treacherous roads.


This should piss you off enough to act and voice your rights! The Governor’s Safety Transportation Meetings are profiling bikers as reported before.  If you wear a back patch that is reason enough to pull you over.  This is in the Senate Transportation Committee now. Contact your reps and tell them NO.  This is profiling and harassment and should be illegal.


The state is staying with their “Ride Safe so you can Ride Again” campaign.


Bill 4853 increasing the cost of Motorcycle safety classes from $25 to $50 passed the house.  


Kudos to Harley Davidson for sponsoring free riding courses to all current and former US military and first responders until Dec 2016 (h-d.com). 


Cares & Concerns:  Happy Birthday to Frog, Jo Mama, Jim James, Lynn Turchi.  Keep Bubbles, Liz, Becky, Kritter, in your prayers. 


Webmaster:  Facebook now has 477 likes!  Let’s try and make our Webmaster happy by spreading the word and getting us to 500! 


Awareness by Kritter:  125 students at the end of Feb.  Thanks for giving a shit to Carrie Flood and Audrey Coon for coming out to the evening classes.  Mike still needs people to help with day classes.  We beg to get into the schools, so we can’t not show up. 


We have the Awareness Party at Bancroft Hall on 4/9. Bring a dish to pass and auction items.  Don’t forget about our Awareness Ride on 4/30.  That is a day to yell and dance at passersby that motorcyclists are out there.  And the best part-it is a lot of fun!  We have event fliers!! 

Bikin for Burns:  The Region is having a Bake Sale at Hickory Lounge on 4/23 thanks to Frog.  Please get your chef’s hat on and whip up something special to put in the bake sale and don’t forget to purchase some of the tasty treats as all proceeds go to the Genesee Township Fire Department. 


Things are moving forward for our 16th Annual Bikin’ for Burns.  Please put it on your calendars to come on out volunteer and party on 5/6 & 5/7.  Still need someone to take on vendors-contact Sassy 810-919-5078. 


Bubbles is in the creative mode making glass angels.  See her Facebook page for examples (some have lights!).  Order one today, they are really angelic.  Eew, that was a bad joke but true.  Be Safe!!