ABATE of Michigan Region 20

April 2016 News Letter

Abate Region 20 April Newsletter



Hello Dudes and Dudettes!!  I am sure we are all saying ??? with the weather change from 60 to snow and sleeting rain.  The motorcycles are shivering right now.  


We had a few guests at this month’s combined meeting. 


Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted.  


Hey, Hey, Hey, guess who is back from the Sunshine state?  That would be our LO – Marte.  With a good old “Welcome Home” to her and Zip! 


April LO Report: “Those who hesitate are lost”. (said Benjamin Franklin). So what are you hesitating about in being involved?  How many of you have contacted Lansing over the winter on any issue?  We are under attack again people.  The writing is on the wall & your freedom of choice is once again a bill.  SB527 Reinstate Helmet Law!  This is in the Senate Transportation Committee.  Let’s jam this up and keep it there. HB4853 passed the house & moved to the Senate increasing Motorcycle Safety Courses to $50 from $25.  We will not see a motorcycle license plate fee increase.  It didn’t pass. ABATE @ work.  The Government Safety Trans Meeting is working on how to profile bikers.  #1 on the list is back patches! If you wear a patch expect to be pulled over.  When this happens, keep a log, get the cop’s business card & report it to Dondi, please.  Contact your elected officials & make a fuss. Freedom isn’t free!  We need voices & involvement!  Mi Sec of State is staying with its campaign of “Ride Safe so you can ride again”.  The next LO Day is April 13th.  Freedom Rally is June 8th.  Capital steps at Noon.  Dress up and show up.


Our region is doing our own membership drive – wrangle us a new member and get into a drawing for some big bucks – we all wish, but it is for a Visa Gift Card, now that calls for a Woo Hoo! 


April 2016 Cares & Concerns: Carrie’s friends Amanda & Pierre, Ron, Frog’s great nephew.  Birthdays: Cupcake, Kevin Wheaton, Bus, Mrs. Santa, Ross. And a Happy Anniversary to Janelle & Teddy Bear.


The Almighty Webmaster says Facebook now has 479 likes!  Come on people, I am sure we can do more.  Tell your Facebook Friends that motorcycle awareness is important and to “like” us on Facebook and in real life. 


Speaking of Awareness here is the Kritter himself & Awareness :  Up to 233 students!  Hot Damn!  Great Job!!    The Awareness Party was fun of course!!  Nobody can party and have fun like us and raise money, too!!  You can’t see me, but I am doing the Happy Dance, as there has been enough money to put up the Awareness billboard for May – Motorcycle Awareness Month! 


We need vendors for B4B, so anyone out there who is a vendor get with me, please (sassyregion20@yahoo.com).  


Sign out motorcycle tickets for state raffle. It pays for lobbyists at the Capital.


That’s all for this month.  Be Safe!!