ABATE of Michigan Region 20

May 2016 News Letter

Abate Region 20 May Newsletter

It is May already, man I am ready to ride. We had a combined meeting in Genesee for this month. Jenny Lamays was a guest.

Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted.

LO Report from Marte. May is Motorcycle Awareness month & Sec. of State, Ruth Johnson, is having a ride May 19th at the bridge- all riders invited.

We had a great Awareness Ride, but as members we need to make every day motorcycle awareness month by educating Joe Q Public – Look Twice, Save a Life!

The MRF is asking everyone to contact their representatives in DC to support anti-profiling Bill language re: motorcyclists. We can’t just stand by thinking we are exempt as ABATE members. We will all be affected as long as we wear patches of any identification or affiliation. If you feel you are profiled get the name and badge number of the officer. Make sure to call Dondi.

Bill HB4853 - Motorcycle Safety Courses raises fees to $50 – Passed & will go into effect 2017.
Bill HB4854 - Motorcycle Safety Courses - Waiver of Secretary of State test upon completion of class – Passed & will go into effect May 24th, 2016.
SB527 – New Helmet Law – still in Trans Committee – No Change.
HB4651 – Fining unendorsed riders passed the house & is now in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
SB434 - would authorize pilot testing for highway drug testing by police. A swab in the mouth is not supposed to be used for DNA. They have no right to swab our mouths! Call and tell them no!

Remember to take off for the Freedom Rally on June 8th! Ride Safe and Ride Free.

Larry, Audrey & Mike will try to see Kildee at Tim Hortons in Davison. A couple of states are already stopping us for patches.

Cupcake will do Membership at the Products table at B4B. 2 new members, Woo Hoo!! -Thanks for giving a shit.

Cares & Concerns: Iceman from Region 4, Tracy, Terry Brown Sr.! Congrats to Lisa and Amy on College graduation!!
Birthdays: Becca, John “Santa”, Ron, Dave “Lumpy”, Kenny.

The Webmaster has 489 likes on the Region’s Facebook Page!! We are looking at 500, so let’s encourage others to support what ABATE is all about and hit like on our page.

May is a busy month for Awareness and Kritter has been swamped but not by water balloons at the Awareness Party. It went off without a hitch!! Thanks to Margaret, Audrey, Frog, a Rockin’ DJ & everyone else who attended. With the box of porn all the way to a glass angel that were auctioned off & quilt money, etc., etc., the Billboard is up!!

At the end of April there were 85 students taught and now the Region is up to 318 students. Thanks again to Audrey & Carrie for the Thursday classes, so Mike can get sick on Thursdays now! LOL.

Awareness Ride had a small turnout but a great ride. The attendees were noisy and made themselves known, which is what the ride was all about. Great Job!!

We discussed Bikin’ for Burns, going over all last minute things & checking them twice, gonna find out who’s…………whoops wrong month.

We are looking for a new place to have the Genesee County meetings, so if you have any ideas, please contact Sassy.

Sassy signing off for this month. Be Safe!!