ABATE of Michigan Region 20

2016 June News letter

Abate Region 20 June Newsletter


It’s June and time for the Freedom Rally! 

This month we didn’t have any New Members or guests. 

Secretary and Treasurers reports were read and accepted.

 Our RC, General,  thanked everyone who volunteered at/for B4B.  Margaret busted her but, as usual on the quilt. 

LO Report from Marte:  Wednesday is ABATE’s Freedom Rally in Lansing.  Nothing improves our elected officials hearing more that the thunder of motorcyclists on the Capital steps.  She reported that SB527–Reinstatement of the Helmet Law –is in the Transportation Committee–It probably will stay there but what about next year when we have newly elected officials.  We need to keep reminding them-Let those who ride decide!  The Government Safety Transportation Committee is still hard at work on how to profile motorcyclists.  That is not going away.  We need our presence and our voices on Wednesday to stop this.  With everything  ABATE has been able to accomplish over the years, we are still only as good as our members;  your voices are needed!!

 Membership with Audrey, the referral program is still happening.  We need members.  She is looking to target big events such as Bikes on the Bricks to pass out membership pamphlets with our business card attached.  Audrey will need some assistance to do this, so if you are interested, please get with her.

Cares & Concerns: Margaret & Ross, Terry Sr. coming home!

Birthdays:  Zip, Terry Sr., Jim Hixenbaugh, General, Dale Covert.

 Anniversaries:  Booboo & Bubbles, TJ & Becky.

The Webmaster says that Facebook now has 507 likes!  That goal has been accomplished, so maybe we need to bypass that goal by lots.  Everyone tell your friends that ABATE Region20 has a Facebook page and if they believe in Motorcycle Awareness/Motorcyclists rights to “Like” our page. 

Awareness:  At the end of May there were 67 students.  385 students so far for 2016.  Two classes already and 3 classes left to go for June.  Mike could use assistance at the Swartz Creek classes which are the 3rd Tuesday of month at 4:30.

 We are looking at doing a B4B wrap up meeting.  

We are continuing to look for a new meeting place for Genesee; however it makes more sense to have a monthly combined meeting.  That makes meetings fun to have us all mix and mingle anyway, gotta love that!  And makes it cozier.

 11th Annual RAVE Motorcycle Benefit Ride & Party, Contact:  Zip 989-723-7953, Saturday, August 6, 2016. Zip will look at TV and Radio Stations. Zip needs 3 people to man the poker run stops.  At the end of the ride will be a Bubble ball experience sponsored by Sagelink (a HUGE thank you to Sagelink).  There is a picture in the Rider of the flier and the bubble balls themselves.  They do look like a blast and I would love to be run around in one.

 There was a discussion of ABATE Region 20 getting back on the parade train.  Sassy will look into one for next July.

 I think that is it for next month.  I am sure our LO will have lots to say reporting from the Capital Steps, until then............Be Safe!!