ABATE of Michigan Region 20

August 2016 News Letter

Abate Region 20 August Newsletter


I hope everyone is enjoying this great riding weather!!   I know I am not and I am truly bummed out.  L My bike is being worked on AGAIN!! 


This month we didn’t have any guests or new members.    


Secretary and Treasurers report were read and accepted.


Don’t forget that seminar will be here before you know it, so book your rooms now if you plan on going. 


LO Marte hopes that everyone took the time to vote on August  2nd. With 38 seats alone in the house up for grabs it’s vital we know our candidates and how they stand on motorcycle issues. It is up to us to educate them of the real facts not the skewed half facts our opponents are reporting to them.


 60% of riders involved in fatal accidents were wearing helmets.  Our opponents are reporting that 40% of riders involved in fatal accidents were not wearing helmets.  Our opponents are reporting a 23 % increase in motorcycle fatalities from 2014-2015. What they fail to mention is that in 10 years reported 2014 had the lowest number of fatalities while 2015 was the highest number of motorcycle fatalities. From 2013- 2015, 57% of those fatalities were riding without an endorsement that breaks down to 3 out of 5 involved in fatal accidents were riding illegally. 


ABATE was able to get the Tips and Nathans Law passed last year. Unendorsed and uneducated riders are screwing with our numbers and making it easier for our opponents to present the half facts for the shock value. We need to continue getting information out about  basic riders and advanced riders courses  to the public and at the Secretary of States Offices.  We already know that Education and Awareness saves lives, not Helmets.  We should also make sure the candidates not familiar with ABATE know that ABATE volunteers have taught over 80,000 new drivers in Drivers Education courses Motorcycle Safety and Awareness. 


Governor Snyder signed in a new bill establishing a pilot program in 5 Michigan counties to conduct roadside drug testing. Here is how Marte understands it:  if an officer has probable cause to pull you over and reasonable cause to believe you’re under the influence of a controlled substance they can require you to submit to a saliva swab test on the side of the road, if you test dirty they can arrest you without a warrant. This is much like the Breathalyzer used now. They are not going to set up road blocks testing everyone coming through it, the stops will be with reasonable cause only. Don't ride paranoid ride aware!  


Carrie’s Cares & Concerns:  Thoughts & Prayers: Bubbles (hurry and get well-you do rock a groovy purple cast though) & BooBoo, HotRod, I-69 accident fatality August 1st.


Birthdays:  Terry Jr., Kathy Heath.


Facebook: 519 likes. New Goal 600!  Please tell your friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances and everyone else that ABATE Region20 has a Facebook page and if they believe in Motorcycle Awareness/Motorcyclists rights to “Like” our page.


Kritter with Awareness:  At the end of June and July, 119 students.  Up to 636 students.   Mike is looking for HELP, please, for mid-day classes. 


Larry and Carrie Flood say a huge thank you to all of you who took and sold the Harley tickets!! 


Still looking at changing Bikin’ For Burns.  Looking at different options, so if you have any ideas, shoot them my way (sassyregion20@yahoo.com). 


Hopefully you all made it to the Safe Center Event!!  So who had the most fun with the 80 plus mile run, better yet, who had fun with the bubble balls! Tell us all about it at our September meeting which is going to be at the Hickory Lounge at 2pm on Sunday, September 11. 


See you all there.

Be Safe!!