ABATE of Michigan Region 20

2016 November News Letter

Abate Region 20 November Newsletter


The weather has been a bit mild lately so hopefully everyone has gotten some last of the season riding in. 


No new members or guests at the Shiawassee meeting and an ABATE member – Michael “Wild Bill” Hickok and guest Sharlese McKenzie at Genesee. 


Secretary and Treasurer reports were read and accepted. 


Membership gift card was won, but there were only 5 names in the bucket and 3 were the same.  Looking hard to find new members, hopefully 2017 will be a great year. 


Awareness by Kritter: 827 students so far for the year.  Looking for 1,000 and are currently on track to hit that number!


Cares & Concerns by Carrie: 

Thoughts & Prayers: Kelly Peck, General’s Dad, Bubble’s Dad and Riders running into deer from the We Ride Michigan Facebook page. 

Birthdays:  Lorenda Edwards, Lisa Vail, Craig Johnson, Ted Stilson. 

Anniversaries: Junior & Amy Brown. 


Webmaster:  Facebook has 531 likes.  Tell all your friends, family and everyone else you know to like our page.


Legislative News by Larry Flood:  The following bills have passed the Senate and are on their way to the House:

SB1076 – when passing bicycles allow a minimum of 5 foot clearance;

SB1078 – requires a minimum of 1 hour classroom time pertaining to other vulnerable roadway users; motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians and distracted driving.  (Passed the Senate on October 20, 2016). 

Expect Representative Sheppard to introduce a new auto insurance bill to the house during this “lame duck” session.

The MRF is busy with self-driving vehicles.  Thanks for getting out and voting!


Region 20 needed a MRF Assistant State Representative and Larry Flood has volunteered to take on those responsibilities.  He will attend the MRF meeting at seminar and possibly go to the Meeting of the Minds. 


Seminar is in Lansing.  If you attend, try to attend the “How to approach your representative” class.  Freedom Ride is in June and this class will give you a leg up on how to talk with them.  Pizza and Pop too. 


Field Meet is back!!!!  It will be held in Rapid City at a private campground.  There will be a Board meeting at Field Meet, feel free to attend to find out what is going on with ABATE of MI. 


Mike, Audrey, Basic Bob and Booboo rode with No Hands Man again.  No Hands raises awareness for Parkinson Disease.  He will be on Canada’s Discovery Channel.  Mike thanked those that rode with No Hands.  Mike also thanked all officers, past and present and to Teddy Bear for making an election this year. 


We need members at political functions and events.  Region 20’s events draw in people from outside.  Those people bring people.  We need to help raise money for ABATE. ABATE costs money to run even though it is a totally volunteer organization.  Not to mention having our events and even adding more, leads to lots more food, fun and friends!!  So let’s all work on making that happen in 2017!!  


 Larry Flood gave report on the Bike Raffle and our region sold 88 tickets!  Great job Region 20! 


Region 20 needs a Sargent At Arms and a Chief Road Captain.  So if anyone is interested, please see Kritter. 


Region 20 Election Results:  

Member of the Year:  Audrey Coon  

RC:  Mike Poage. 


Congratulations to both!!  Thanks for giving a s**t!!! 


............Be Safe!!