ABATE of Michigan Region 20

January 2017 News Letter

Abate Region 20 January 2017 Newsletter


Hi All!!!  Happy New Year!!  Looks like it will be a great one! 


No new members or guests at Shiawassee and Guest Brenda Edenburn in Genesee.


December Secretary Report:  Read and approved. 


Treasurer Report was read and approved.


Mike and Carrie worked with Audrey on an audit of the books for the 2016 end of the year.  Mimi Spooner, ABATE of Michigan’s State Treasurer is stepping down.  Hopefully there was a treasurer’s class at seminar. 


We are always looking for new members to grow and educate younger riders.  If you can, please tell one person about ABATE.  Bring someone in for the next meeting.  We can always use more help to run our events for those of you looking to get involved in other ways. 


L.O Report from Larry:  


See the full report in Legislative News. There will be much more after seminar.  Larry had The Motorcycle Riders Foundation 2017 Legislative and Regulatory Priorities at the meeting and will be posted on the website.


Carrie’s Cares & Concerns: 


Thoughts & Prayers: Ray Martin and wife Diane; Kritter; General  & Family; Amy Brown; Marte; All Abate Members, Friends and Family. 


Happy Birthday to Shannon Conklin; Mike “Wild Bill” Hickock; Bab’s Harrington; Amanda Bliss; Randy Wilson; TC Conklin; Lilly Pinchock. 


Webmaster that would be Carrie as well: 


Facebook: 537 likes – New Goal – 600!  Let’s keep up the good work and spread the word on Motorcycle Awareness and to like our page. 


Kritter for Awareness: 


Taught 107 students in December for a total of 1,104 for the year!!  Looking at 1,400 students for 2017 and I am sure it can be pulled off.  Kritter still needs help with instructors!!  Please go to a class, see what is going on, pass out paperwork, etc.  It is not hard to be an instructor.  Check with Kritter for more information 810-423-8711. 


Events: we talked all about the  Valentine’s Day Dance, Sat. Feb. 11 which is aimed toward the ladies. So guys, you best be on your best behavior. All are welcome, you do not have to be an ABATE member to attend, please invite anyone and everyone.  See the Region Website or Facebook or Sassy for more information 810-919-5078, sassyregion20@yahoo.com. 


Fun Raising Bowling Event:  for local fire departments for fire prevention programs, Sat. Mar. 25; once again, this event is open to EVERYONE, so grab all the people you know and come on out and have fun.  The fliers should be located in this Rider.  Basic Bob is our Chief Area Coordinator so see him for fliers.


Reminder from Mike: Awareness Party, Sat. Apr. 1; Awareness Ride, Sat. Apr. 29 that will be right around the corner. 


RC Report by Kritter:


Just a reminder that every one of us in the Region is an Area Coordinator.  Please take fliers to places you visit regularly and see if they will support our cause by hanging up a flier.  Also, take membership forms.  Still working on the B4B Fun Run.  There are 2 Fire Depts. in mind. 


Hopefully you all had a chance to attend some classes at Seminar and had a chance to mingle with other ABATE Regions.  


Still looking for a Road Captain, if you are interested, please see Kritter.  


Margaret is stepping down from 50/50 and needs a replacement, so if you are interested, please let Margaret or Kritter know. 


Booboo stepped up as Sargent of Arms!!!


............Be Safe!!