ABATE of Michigan Region 20

February 2017 News Letter

Abate Region 20 February 2017 Newsletter


At Shiawassee Meeting: no new members or guests.

At Genesee Meeting: new member Phil Bearse (after 20 year comeback). Thanks for Giving a S**t. 


Secretary Report and Treasurer’s reports were read and accepted. 


We really could use some more members to grow.  Tell one person about ABATE.  Bring someone in for the next meeting and to help run events and to be supporters of this great cause.


LO Report by Larry:  See the full report in Legislative/MRF News. 


MRF Report by Larry: See the full report in Legislative/MRF News.  Bubbles also added that the $20,000 to ride w/o helmet (PIP) is very valuable and it pays to have it.  It has to be added to your policy and it is around $150. 


State Bike Raffle:  2017 tickets on sale now.  Come sign out a pack to sell.  See Larry or Carrie Flood.  Our Lobbyist is paid for through this fundraiser.  Region 20 came in 6th in State last year – let’s move up the ladder this year!  The bike is a $30,000 value.


Cares & Concerns by Carrie:


Thoughts & Prayers: Margaret, Dale and Family; Audrey and Family; Junior and Family; Ted and Janelle’s Son Trevor; Bubbles. 


Birthdays: TJ Towns, Jane McMillen. 


Webmaster Carrie states Facebook has 544 likes!  Please get on there and talk to people about supporting our cause and see if they will Like us on Facebook. Also invite your friends and family to check out our Website at www.abatemichregion20.com.


 Awareness by Kritter :  Taught 62 students in January.  Region 20 taught 1,104 in 2016 and overall ABATE of MI taught 5,300.  Mike Poage received an award at Seminar for teaching the most students in the state!  He Rocks and Region 20 knows it!!  Over the years, Region 20 has taught 24,000 students, when the State total was 90,000 overall.  Kritter really could use some help with the Awareness classes.  He cannot be sick or take time off as he has fought hard to get into the schools and has no backup.  If there is anything you can do to help him out, please contact him. 


Our Awareness billboard is the largest in the State and our goal is to raise the funds needed from the Awareness Party on Sat., April 1.  Also, our Awareness Ride is Sat., April 29. 


Products by Teddy Bear:  During seminar Teddy Bear and Janelle talked to Products at a State level and items will be available online at www.abateofmichigan.org/products.html.  There is now a screen printer and there are free decals with purchase, region decals are $1 more. 


Events by Sassy:  Bowling, Sat. Mar. 25; you do not need to be an ABATE member to attend our events.  They are open to family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances and people off the street that you swoop in. 


The Valentine’s Day Dance had really good weather for February and went off without a hitch.  Thanks to Audrey, Becky and TJ, Lilly and Bob, Carrie and Mike for all their craftiness!  Thanks to all that brought food, yummy!!! 


RC Report by Mike:   Field Meet, June 9, 10 and 11.  Love to see as many members as we can there.  Come out and see the Sunday morning open board meeting.  Spend an hour to see how ABATE is run.  There will be field games and more at the event. Mike is hauling our trailer so riders can store their stuff in it. 


We are looking to change the B4B event into a Fun Run for 2018.  There will NOT be a Bikin’ For Burns in 2017.  We are looking to make the Fun Run over 100 miles, so we are steadily going to be working on the event. 


Bus won the quilt at Seminar, so it stayed in our Region again!


Our Shiawassee meeting will be on Sunday, Mar. 5 at The Hickory Lounge, Owosso at 2pm.   Our Genesee meeting will be on Monday .Mar. 6 at Sharky’s in Burton at 7pm.  See you then!!!


............Be Safe!!