ABATE of Michigan Region 20

April 2017 News Letter


Abate Region 20 April 2017 Newsletter


There was no Shiawassee Meeting in April. 


At Genesee there were no new members or guests.


The Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted.   


Membership by Audrey:  Audrey thanked everyone for telling others about ABATE.  On the facebook page for “We Ride Michigan” she posted a picture that was shared over 600 times.  Membership is down throughout the state, not just in our region. 


Thank you to Mary Smith who donated the Awareness Postcards. Due to her generous donation, Audrey asked that she be made an honorary member of Region 20.  We really appreciate your efforts. We hope you get a chance to come meet us all personally.


Everyone, please talk to your family and friends about ABATE. Even those that do not ride, or may be unable to ride. This will help spread the word about who we are and what we do. Word of Mouth is a great avenue for getting our name out there. Thank you everyone.


L.O. Report by Larry: Things to watch:


HB4306 – Increase motorcycle endorsement fee $2.00 for the Safety Education Fund.

A bill will be introduced similar to Daniel’s Law in Pennsylvania that increases the penalty for hitting and killing a motorcyclist. 

Lt. Jason Teddy (Ret) is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday, April 5 at 1:15pm. Court Room 4, Judge Gill, in Bay City.  Butch Brown and I will be there.  Everyone is welcome to come. 

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association estimates 11% increase in Pedestrians killed on U.S. Highways.  Possible factors:  more miles driven; more people walking; AND more drivers and pedestrians distracted while using their smart phones. 

West Virginia is attempting to get an Adult Choice Helmet Law through their House and Senate – Let’s wish them luck! 

Legislative Days are:  April 19th and May 17th.  Don’t forget on May 31st – Freedom Rally at the Capitol Steps at Noon.


MRF Report by Larry:


9th Annual Bikers inside the beltway – ride to DC – meet with Senators and Representatives – May 22 and 23, 2017. 

Meeting of the Minds – September 21-25, 2017 – Williamsburg, VA. Considered “Seminar on Steroids”. 

“STOP THE TEXTS – STOP THE WRECKS” - Pass it on!  (Type that in your computer and see the results). 

46 states including DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands have banned text messaging for ALL drivers. 


ABATE of Michigan’s biggest fundraiser is the annual Bike Raffle:  See Larry Flood for tickets.


Cares & Concerns by Carrie: 


Thoughts & Prayers:  Bubbles and Booboo; Teddy and Janelle & Family; Margaret and Ross (enjoy your new adventure in your new home state)! 

Birthdays:  Frog, Ross, Kevin, Mrs. Santa, Bus. 

Anniversaries and Milestones:  Teddy and Janelle, Cupcake and Bus. 


Facebook: we are now up to 563 likes! The New Goal is 600!  Feel free to post to others to like our site and let everyone know what ABATE stands for. 


Awareness by Kritter:  Taught 71 students in March for a total for the year of 218.  Kritter needs help!  Audrey taught 12 people in a class.  If you are interested, check out a class.  Watch and see if you could be an instructor; it is all up to you. Come to a class as give it a try.  Contact Kritter for class schedules. 

Region 20 sent out Awareness postcards to Region 20 members to raise money for the billboard.  Due to unexpected circumstances, there will not be an Awareness billboard for 2017, but will be back up for 2018!! 


Products by Teddybear:  Awareness yard signs are available for $10. 


Events by Sassy: The Events Committee is working on an event to replace B4B for 2018.  For 2018 we will need a new hall for some of our events.  If you get any leads let Sassy know.


RC Report by Mike:  Thanks to all that went to the March Bowling event.  Money will go toward equipment for fire prevention, into schools or to host an open house for kids for the Mt. Morris Fire Department. The event brought in $820. ABC12 will be at the check presentation.

Field Meet, June 9, 10 and 11.  Golf carts allowed, 4 wheelers not sure. 


Old Business:  Booboo recommended running the old B4B route on Saturday, May 13, as a dinner ride.   Check out Facebook for more information on this.    


There will be no Shiawassee meeting in May. Shiawassee meeting will resume in June at the Hickory Lounge.  The next combined meeting will be on Monday, May 1 at Sharky’s in Burton at 7pm.  See you then!!! 


Pass the word, May is Motorcycle Awareness Month!