ABATE of Michigan Region 20

June 2016 News Letter

Abate Region 20 June 2017 Newsletter



Shiawassee, Welcome new member Kevin Volz. 


Genesee, a renewed member-Steve Lange.


Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted. 


Membership by Audrey:  Renewals and new memberships are down in the Region and across the State.  The Helmet Bill is currently off the table so no one is interested in supporting ABATE.  The Bill is coming up again so we need members for support.  We also need members to help with events.  We are looking for ABATE supporters who ride or don’t ride.  They will get a Rider magazine that talks all about ABATE and keeps them informed about upcoming issues and events. 


L.O. Report by Larry:  Thanks to everyone who attended the Freedom Rally. SB160 – Autocycle Bill is currently having hearings in the Transportation Committee. CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS!! 

I stopped by Senator’s Ananich and Meekhof’s offices to talk about SB240-241. The Senators were headed to Mackinaw Island.  These bills would make the MCCA transparent and be responsible to the public, not managed by insurance companies for insurance companies. They would be required to follow Open Meetings and FOI Guidelines. Personally, I don’t think we can have any kind of auto insurance reform until the MCCA comes clean and the public knows the assets, liabilities and the formula used to set rates.  Also, the public needs to know the accounting practices used by the MCCA. 


MRF News: Meeting of the Minds – September 21-25, 2017 – Williamsburg, VA. Considered “Seminar on Steroids”. “STOP THE TEXTS – STOP THE WRECKS” - Pass it on! 46 states including DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands have banned text messaging for ALL drivers.


State Bike Raffle:  See Larry Flood for tickets.  Turn in money by August 1st.  


Cares & Concerns by Carrie:


Thoughts& Prayers: CB, Zip, Booboo, Bob & Lilly, Carrie, Mike, Audrey, All Bikers, All Military. 


 Birthdays: Zip Behrendt, Terry Brown Sr., Janelle Stilson, General Graves, Jim Hixenbaugh, Dale Covert. 


Anniversaries and Milestones:  Booboo & Bubbles, Randy& Georgia, TJ & Becky.

Facebook:  We now have 572 likes, looking for 600!! We all should help spread the word that once again the helmet bill is coming up and that bikers need freedom of choice. 


Awareness by Kritter :  Taught 100 students for May.  Already 432 for the year. Kritter needs help with the Awareness classes! In your spare time come on out and check out a class, pass out stuff, listen in, see if it is something you feel you can do, it is not hard.  Carrie will do a Sunday class on June 11 while Mike is gone on vacation.  Mike could use a person for classes that are during working hours. 


Mike thanked Wes and Ted and Janelle who had short notice to come out to a Channel 66 interview to show the biggest problem for biker, left hand turners.  Basic Bob was there demonstrating the car driver.  Mike did a TV12 interview for Awareness as well. 


There will be an Awareness Poker Run on Saturday, July 22.  First hand will be $10 and other hands will be $5 each.  We will have door prizes, lots of road to put the rubber on and fun to be had.  All proceeds going to Awareness.  Stay tuned for more details on Facebook and Region 20 website. 


State Products has product lists and prices online but no pictures.  To get items, please go through Janelle. 


Events Coordinator:  Will setup an Events Meeting at next Genesee meeting.


RC Report by Mike:   The check presentation to the Fire Department for the bowling event was on Wednesday, June 7 at 6:30 with ABC TV12. 


ABATE is involved with Bikes on the Bricks September 9 & 10 in Downtown Flint.  Need volunteers to man the table.   Audrey will be promoting membership. 


Bikes on the Bricks is asking help for blockers for the charity ride on Saturday, Sept. 9 at Vehicle City, those interested, contact Sassy (Volunteer Coordinator for Bikes on the Bricks). 


Still looking for a Sgt of Arms, at least temporarily.


Our Shiawassee meeting will be at 2pm at Hickory Lounge on Sunday, July 9.  The Hickory Lounge is in the process of being sold.  Zip is checking into a new meeting site.  Watch Facebook and our Region Website page for any Shiawassee meeting changes or call Kritter.   If you have membership pamphlets with business cards, please remove the cards for now.


Starting Monday, July 10, Genesee Meetings will be held at 7pm at Captain’s Quarters, 6011 East Atherton, Burton at the Corner of Belsay and Atherton.


Happy 4th of July and happy riding! God Bless America!


............Be Safe!!



Sassy/Aileen M. England

A.B.A.T.E. (American Bikers Aiming Toward Education)

Region 20 Events Coordinator

810-919-5078/texting, too