ABATE of Michigan Region 20

July 2017 News Letter

Abate Region 20 July 2017 Newsletter



No July meeting for Shiawassee. 


Meeting for Genesee:


Guests from Whaley’s Children’s Center:  Sam Roth and Dawn Weisner.  It has been requested for us to help them with raffling off a brand new Harley Davidson Jukebox and a Harley Davison bandana quilt.  We offered them several ideas and offered a spot at our table at Bikes on the Bricks.  Individuals from Region 20 would be able to help sell tickets. 


Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted. 


Membership Report by Audrey Coon:  Still need members.  Audrey is looking for a volunteer to take over as the Membership Officer. Working full time and being the Region 20 Treasurer doesn’t give her enough time to devote to Membership.  Please let her know if you are interested.  Region 20 will be at Bikes on the Bricks and looking for new members! 


Why is membership low in the Region and throughout the State?  We won the battle with the helmet bill, but have not won the war.  Mandated helmet use is being brought up at the State and Federal levels.  


L.O Report by Larry Flood:  See Legislative News for full report.


Cares & Concerns by Carrie Flood


Please keep all these special people in your Thoughts & Prayers:


Jr & Amy, TC & Shannon,  Zip, All Bikers, All Drivers, All Military. 




Terry Welch, Marte Merrell, “Basic” Bob Miller, Audrey “Highbeams” Coon. 

A special birthday wish to Lifetime Member Eric Wallace who now lives in Florida and worked closely with Kritter in Awareness.


Anniversaries and Milestones: 


Carrie & Larry Flood. 


Webmaster Carrie Flood:  Facebook is now up to 578 likes. The new goal is 600!


Awareness by Kritter:  Details on the Awareness Run on July 22 will be in next month’s report. 


There were 96 students taught in May. That brings the yearly total to 528. Unfortunately, we had to cancel a class for 20 students on 6/20/17 as we did not have an available instructor for a 4:30 class.  One was on vacation and one was working.  Please get with Kritter; check out a class with him and see if you might be interested in filling in. 


Products:  10 B4B shirts were donated to Margaret for a new quilt. Even though Margaret no longer lives in Michigan, she has volunteered to continue providing quilts for Region 20 raffles.  Please save your “biker” t-shirts. If you have some to spare, contact any officer or bring them to a meeting.


Events by Sassy:  No Events meeting this month.  Bikes on Bricks coming up, but no meeting necessary as focus is for membership. 


RC Report by Mike Poage:   At Bikes on the Bricks we need volunteers to man the booth on Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 10th. Bikes on the Bricks is asking for blockers for the charity ride.  It will be an easy blocking job as the police will cover major intersections and we will take the corner over.


Old Business:  Hickory Lounge is not being sold, so trying to stay there for meetings for now.  Rave Run is Sept. 16.  Poker Run and long ride.  Dedics will be the start of the run.  Bubble man and bounce house at the end of the run.


Shiawassee meetings will be happening at 2pm at Hickory Lounge on Sunday, August 6.   Our next Genesee meeting will be on Monday, August 7 at Captain’s Quarters in Burton at 7pm