ABATE of Michigan Region 20

November 2017 Newsletter

Abate Region 20 November 2017 Newsletter



Shiawassee:  no meeting. 

Genesee:   One guest:  Gary


Secretary Report by Sassy:  read and accepted.


 Treasurer Report by Audrey:  read and accepted. 


Membership by Audrey:  Still looking to grow our membership.


L.O. Report by Larry: 


HB5013 – Defeated. Bill was to reform auto insurance.

HB4306 – Passed.  Motorcycle plate increase for rider’s education and awareness passed the house and senate and is waiting for the Governor’s signature. This increased original endorsements by $2.00 and renewals by $.50/yr, or $2.00. The Secretary of State offices cannot do the fee increase at this time due to outdated computer systems. 

SB575 – Bill to “bridge the gap” until the Secretary of State’s computer systems can been updated. Funds to be borrowed from another fund and repaid after systems are upgraded. 


MRF News by Larry:  Renewable Fuel Standard.  15% ethanol.  64 members of the House, Democrats and Republicans, sent a letter to the EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, urging EPA to factor in the pitfalls and costs in future ethanol regulations.  Apparently, Senators from corn growing states are threatening to obstruct conformation of top EPA officials.  The MRF was asked to sign onto a letter highlighting the impact of the Renewable Fuel Standard. The letter will be sent to President Trump and run as full page adds in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times after his return from Asia.

The Department of Transportation released a document “Vision for Safety 2.0” which updates policies concerning automated vehicles and discusses safety and performance.  One section has to do with object detection.  This section mentions automated vehicles will be aware of pedestrians, bicyclist and animals.  Once again, there is no mention of motorcyclists.


Cares & Concerns by Carrie:


Thoughts & Prayers:  

Audrey (for the family and friends of Ken White),

The return of common sense,

The return of sanity in society. 


Birthdays: Hats, Lisa Vail, Ted Stilson. 


Anniversaries and Milestones:  Carrie Quit Smoking in 2005, Terry and Amy Brown, Ray and Diane Martin (50th). 


Webmaster Carrie:  Facebook has passed the 600 likes goal and now has 601 likes.  New goal of 650. 


Awareness by Kritter:  86 students were taught Motorcycle Awareness in October.  Total for the year is 907.


Tickets for Awareness quilt are one ticket for $1; 6 tickets for $5; 15 tickets for $10.  Please see Kritter for tickets.  Thanks again to Margaret for supplying the quilts.  We still have one more for Seminar.  Kritter is still looking for additional Awareness Instructors.  Don’t forget to pick up your Awareness Yard Signs at the next meeting! 


RC Report by Mike:  Issues to be voted on at Seminar for state level and by law changes.  Compensation for Raffle Chairpersons.  By law option to get Rider online instead of mailing a hard copy.   

Nominations for RC:  Bus (Mark Berger) and Kritter (Mike Poage).   

Treasurer:  General (Steve Graves) and High Beams (Audrey Coon). 


For the first time, voting for RC, Treasurer and Member of the year ALL resulted in a tie. 


We will vote again at the December meeting to be held Monday, December 4 at Captain’s Quarters in Burton at 7pm.